6 Insanely Profitable Reno Strategies
The Renovation Masterclass – Online Tuesday December 4 @8pm

Learn how to build your dream renovation business - the right way!

Turn your renovation hobby into a profitable business and achieve the work life balance you’ve been dreaming about.

Our two-hour masterclass will provide you with the strategies and systems you need to confidently move forward with a profitable renovating venture.

Learn the tricks, tips and proven processes from a renovating expert who has been routinely making a minimum of $100,000 on each of her renovation projects.

At only $47 per person this is a workshop you can’t afford to miss!

“When I left the event, I felt overwhelmed with excitement. I was jumping out of my skin…I finally found a way to make my dreams come into fruition.”
Colby R., Sydney
Healing Therapist, A Wonderful Mum of Three
What You Will Learn
(For just the cost of a decent bottle of bubbles!)
The six critical steps of renovating your own home.
Nail your first home renovation without spending a fortune!
How to get top dollar from your investment property.
Smart renovating tips to maximise your investment return.
The high profit potential of development.
We'll talk you through the 3 S's - Splitters, Sliders and Subdivision and how to spot development opportunity on the map.
How to house flip like a professional.
Tips and tricks to running a successful renovation business.
The Game changing advantage of Airbnb.
The in’s and out’s of short-term rentals that deliver a super positive cashflow.

The formula for making a year's salary in one project!
Proven processes for maximising your return on investment for each project.
The plan you put in place before you quit your job.
Confidently leave your old career behind with a strong plan of action in place.
How to identify property market hotspots!
Learn how to pinpoint ideal  locations to buy for maximum profit.

How to harness the power of joint ventures.
Short on time or cash? Learn the five essential steps to successfully partnering with a renovating buddy!

And so much more!​​​​​​​
“You learn how to take the next step from dreaming about renovating and making money, to actually learning how to do that in real life…It's was my gateway to a new way of living.”
Suzette Halliwell, Sydney
Bookkeeper, Mum and now, serial renovator and property investor!
What You Get For $47!
(On top of the priceless renovating lessons!)
A two hour online masterclass workshop run by Bernadette Janson
A renovation workbook complete with goal setting, resource mapping, strategy breakdown and 90-day action plan templates (valued at $49)
A free Style Guide “56 Ways To Hit Your Reno & Styling Goals” (valued at $19.95)

PLUS a chance to win a Home Beautiful  voucher!
“Honestly came to this event very skeptical, protecting my wallet thinking this had to be some sort of scam. My wife convinced me to attend and I am actually really glad I did. We have learned several tips that make so much sense and seem very practical in helping us make money in the renovating world. While we are not totally new to renovations, I have already learned how to fix some of the mistakes we have made in the past and look forward to applying what we have learned here to help achieve our financial goals and experience the life of freedom that we are working for together.”
Blake Penland
Who Is This Workshop For?
(Anybody who has a renovation dream!)
The Closet Designer
You want to be doing something you love and profit from your passion.
The Savvy Downsizer
Your moving on and want to take the opportunity to boost equity and cash in the process.
The Property Lover
You want to harness the power of renovating and high cash flow strategies to grow your wealth faster.
The Renovating Retiree
You’re not willing to accept the traditional pathway and want to renovate retirement.
The Creative Homeowner
You want to be smart about renovating your family home and create maximum value at minimum cost.
The Frustrated Employee
You want to make a career transition to carve out a life that is both satisfying and prosperous.
“Bernadette’s focus on strategy and systems helped me have the confidence to move forward. Before, renovating seemed too far out of reach and we were not sure where to start…after that one afternoon, we developed a strategy and have already started moving forward.”
Kate Ruyter, Newcastle
I've Now Got A Clear Plan
What I found really powerful was I was able to bring floor plans of a property that we've recently purchased… and get a 360º view on the project!
– John Anderson, Melbourne
Amazing Risk Management
It's certainly opened up my eyes and given me a good structure, some good tools, and to look at something that most people go into blind… and have the tools to work with.
– Brendan and Dimitra, Sydney
Hope Rebuilt!
I have been searching for something to light my fire again with renovating – Their expert advice unlocked some doors for us to actually do this thing again…
– Helen Cooper, Sydney
Even Seasoned Renovators Learn A Lot
We consider ourselves as 'seasoned renovators' but we learnt a lot about the importance of doing detailed planning and what to plan for, and then executing.
– Tracy and Robert, Melbourne
Who Is Bernadette Janson
And Why Should You Listen To Her?
I have always love taking old ugly unloved properties and breathing new life into them. Luckily, I married Stephen who shares my passion.

He has the added benefit of a building background and has helped me negotiate the established and sometimes misogynistic attitudes of the building industry particularly in the 80s.
It has been on renovating that I have built a marriage, a family, friendships and a successful business.

In renovating, you are doing something for yourself that benefits everyone around you.

I know that the power of renovating is not just in the physical change in the home or the money you make -- it is in the energy and sense of self worth it builds in YOU.

“Bernadette is the most down to earth renovating advisor in a long time, she gives advice that makes profits accessible to the 'average' person with a bit of passion... but more importantly, its for a noble purpose from more time with family to supporting worthy charities.”
Demelza Newlove
Tuesday, December 4
Online Workshop Of
​​​​​​​The Renovation Masterclass
8:00 PM
Legal Information: Investors should do their own due diligence and speak to a qualified advisor before making any investment decisions. All investments involve risk of loss of money.

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